What is Kenpo? 
Developed in Okinawa, Brought to the United States by Ed Parker and perfected by Mr. Valenti’s Instructor. Kenpo is a pure self defense art with a focus on striking down your assailant in the quickest way possible. 

Use Every Weapon 
Eye Jabs, Knees and Elbows! 
Joint Locks and Breaks!
Groin Strikes and Eye Gouges! 

Fast Street Fight 
Learn to defend yourself and walk away unscathed! 
Learn to flow seamlessly from one technique to the other, having a counter for every counter. 
Make them feel the attack before they see it!

Private Lessons Only

Because the lead instructor feels the Progressive Self Defense Method serves the same function as Kenpo but more efficiently. Kenpo is only taught on a 1 on 1 basis in private classes.

Where to Find Us:

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The Progressive Self Defense Method

Experience a revolutionary way of learning self defense that will train you to fight in the way that works best for your personal body type and skill set.

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